Feeling Lucky? Part I

“So tell me, Felix, you think today’s your lucky day?”

I sat there uncomfortably. I admit, the awkward silence did contribute, but mainly it was the way they’d tied my elbows behind the too-small chair. The little man with the revolver stood behind me and continued to talk.

” ‘Cause you see, Felix, I don’t believe in luck. So you are going to explain to me exactly how you pulled that little stunt, or else that amazing luck you have? It’ll start dripping out a hole in your skull.”

Now, I don’t know much about guns, but the clicks and thunks the little man was making behind me? As far as I was concerned that was the sound of death, right there.

“Cat got your tongue?” I could hear his footsteps. “If you tell us something useful, you might get out of here in one piece. Not alive, you understand, but at least that way your folks’ll have something to cry over at the funeral.”

He walked back in front of me. I then realised he was unloading the gun. The gentle clink of his pieces of death were coming from his pocket, not his gun. Which relieved me slightly. Until I saw that smile on his face. If he was happy, I had a feeling that very soon, I wouldn’t be.

“I’d start talking soon if I were you, Felix, ’cause if you don’t… We’re gonna play a little game.”

“Now look, I’ve told you, I don’t kn-”

Bam. I could taste metallic stickiness. The little man still looked calm, despite the blood on his fist.

“I’ll pretend like I didn’t hear that. I’ll give you some time to decide just how lucky you are.” He spun the barrel on the revolver. Clickclickclickclickclickclick click click click, click, click, thunk.

“Russian roulette. Now I’m going to pull the trigger. Once every minute.”

I looked at him like he was crazy. He didn’t notice, he was busy looking at his watch.

“Every single minute. ‘Til you start talking.” He pointed his one-way explosion into my face.

“Starting… Now.”


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  1. Olivia
    Jan 23, 2011 @ 09:30:03

    More Please . . x


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