More danger!

Just one of the many popular heckles at the British Juggling Convention. If you want to perform, be prepared to be hailed with friendly shouts of “It can’t be done!”, “More danger!”, “Do it naked!” or “Do it on fire!”.

And what performances! The big names were there – Wes Peden, Jay Gilligan, Charlie Dancey, Matt Hall… and many more. The last week of workshops, shows and socialising with international jugglers has been truly awesome.

So far, this may not mean much to you. I would not be surprised if you have not experienced the thrills of juggling, diabolo, unicycling or knife throwing (among others). To those of you who have, you will understand my week-long euphoria. To the rest of you… go fetch some rolled-up socks and start juggling!

I have quite a lot to sort out before I return home tomorrow, so I will leave it at that for now. Have patience with me please, as I’m having to get back into the swing of writing creatively and regularly.


Accidental hiatus.

Sorry guys, I have been ill, followed by a manic catch-up period of work for my course. I should have really posted up something to say I was ill, but it’s a  bit late for that now.

It’s Easter now, so I will have some posts up, but there will be a gap of about a week when I go to the British Juggling Convention!

If all goes to plan there will be another piece up in the next day or so.

Haunted by love.

Memories are like ghosts.


They walk where you did, everywhere that you’ve left a little part of yourself behind you. Breadcrumbs. A trail that can’t be followed. And when you return to those places, they peek around the veil and watch you pass, afraid of what they’re going to become. The weight of them fills you up with sheer longing.


And then you keep walking, and they fade. Melting back from reality as your shadow recedes. They must sink down through cracks in the pavement, slide through ageing walls, burn up in the sunlight.


Gone, but not forgotten.


The Post Office:


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