I’m not going to lie. I’m quite hit-and-miss when it comes to this blog. As soon as anything in my life starts to slip, this blog goes sailing out the window faster than a liberal canary. But yes, I’m back again, and hopefully will be sticking around for the foreseeable future.

And this time, I have a question for you all.

What do you think about writers and social networking? I’m curious, because a lot of creative people seem to use services like Twitter (the main example). I’m just posting out the odd thing here and there on these other services, but how do the rest of you use it (or not)? Are they a distraction, a menace to the imagination? Or a haven for like-minded wordsmiths and artists?



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  1. petedenton
    Dec 22, 2011 @ 21:12:33

    Good question. I love twitter. I’ve met loads of writers and readers and bloggers and the support and encouragement has been fantastic. I’ve used it to have conversations as well as promoting my blog and retweeting others to help them. It’s a very useful tool to help with all that.

    Twitter has introduced me to several authors I would not have encountered otherwise and so numerous books I would never have read. For me that’s win, win though you can easily get lost onthere and not actually do any writing 😉


    • quintconsequential
      Dec 23, 2011 @ 08:19:26

      Thank you, Pete! It’s really nice to get a reply back so quickly when I’ve only just revived my blog 🙂 I can see Twitter being a very useful tool if used correctly, but the social media guides out there seem to concentrate on its uses in marketing and business as opposed to personal usage, which is its primary user base.

      I think I’ll keep at it for now, and see if it becomes a useful habit. Even if I don’t use it regularly, I’ll still be keeping it to help publicise when I post new entries on my blog (although I realise that doesn’t tap Twitter’s potential at all!)


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