Probably not in the Top Ten list of good ideas.

As you may already know, I am at University at the moment. And you may also realise that this time of year is Exam Season. So, adding two and two to make four and suchlike, you would probably wait a couple of weeks until the storm passes to make a start on anything big.

So why am I digging up all of my notes on my much-loved but neglected-of-late project, the Yes-It-Will-Be-A-Novel Alabaster & Nash? Well, shortly after waking up this morning I decided that no-one was mentally capable of working solid for an entire day, and that I would be in need of a break sooner or later. I’ve been wanting to sit down and write for ages, so why not make a happy partnership of the two? On that thought, I went and dug up all of my old notes.

A note to the reader: if something that appears to be a good idea waddles out of your half-asleep haze, you should probably take it with a pinch of salt.

Since I have all of my notes with me now, and I AM on a break, yes, I will give it a go. However, I’m half-expecting my creativity-starved mind to latch on like a rabid dog.

Enough for now, I should probably go rediscover just how addictive this really is.


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