It isn’t always the easiest of things, being an optimist. For those of you who have been reading this blog (considering the number of gaps, Heaven knows why) you might have felt an optimistic vibe from the general style of writing.

At least, I hope that is the case.

Sometimes, people need a push in the right direction. A kick start. A Spark, if you will. Something to motivate, to drive us to do. And sometimes, that little something is difficult to come by. This was originally meant to be an exercise in observation, to keep an eye out for these butterflies of hope and release them to a greater audience.

However, lately I may have been overlooking these moments. Stress and studies can damper these thoughts, and it can be an effort to keep on looking for glimmers of colour in amongst all the white noise. But today, at this moment, I am smiling. An impromptu invitation to visit a friend can do that. Of course, this is not the only positive tidbit that has happened lately: if it were then my life really would be a sad state of affairs. But I noticed it to be a quintconsequential – my first for quite a while.

So here I am.

Safe in the knowledge that I haven’t forgotten how to think positively.

I hope you remember, too.


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'Quintconsequential' is a word of my own invention, despite the definition in the style of the Oxford English Dictionary featured on the site. By all means, use it, whisper it, shout it from the rooftops. But please, remember that you heard it here first!