Why We Should Be Together

I smiled when I read this post. And yes, I’ve started using WordPress again (again). I will see if I can just write the occasional short post, and boost things up in the Summer after exams.

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We should be together because you know more about me than anyone should. You know how I lost my virginity, and in detail. You know that he was a jerk and that I haven’t talked to him since. When I told you, you hugged me, kissed me on the four-head, and told me that he doesn’t deserve me– then took me out to lunch.

We should be together because you’ve been there for as long as I can remember. I don’t have to explain anything to you, you just get it. I never have to use the phrase “my friend so-and-so”… because you know everyone in my life. You know how my mother gets on my nerves, and you understand that my dad is my favorite person on this planet (you’re a close second).

We should be together because we are seen as a pair, anyway. We complete each other…

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