Quintconsequential. A funny word that popped into my head at about half three in the morning. I’ve featured a definition at the top of my page ‘The Spark’, but basically it describes those moments of grace you feel arising from something seemingly insignificant. Like watching the steam rise from a fresh cup of tea. Waking to the sound of birdsong. A slight glance and a warm smile from a complete stranger.

I could go on.

These transcendent snapshots, the all-consuming feeling of utter contentment… That is what strolled into my head at some unholy hour this morning. And so, here I am.

To be fair, this blog is not exactly a snap decision. I’ve considered writing one for years. In the last week I decided to knuckle down and get on with it. Then I was delayed by that unavoidable tribulation, the hunt for a perfect name. But finally, I have arrived. Hopefully I’ll be updating on a reasonably regular basis, but I may need a gentle poke here and there to stay on track.

You may be wondering what this is all about. Well, it’s a personal blog, so expect many oddments and tweaks. My main aim, however, is to regularly write. As a developing writer, there will most likely be several excerpts or short pieces of fiction, or possibly even the odd poem. There will, of course, be posts about all kinds of other things besides.

I hope you, my audience, enjoy reading this blog as much as I enjoy writing it. And remember… enjoy life’s quintconsequentials.


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'Quintconsequential' is a word of my own invention, despite the definition in the style of the Oxford English Dictionary featured on the site. By all means, use it, whisper it, shout it from the rooftops. But please, remember that you heard it here first!